Cale Shapera

Friend Absorption

The other night I was telling a story about a recent DMT séance, getting really expressive and into the storytelling. When I finished, my friend Graham mentioned that my storytelling mannerisms were pretty similar to my friend Avi's (whom I've lived near for five-ish years).

I think that I've got a tendency to incorporate my friends' little affectations and quirks. Nicole W pointed out me doing the same thing with Brendan fifteen years ago. The thought made me pause for a moment—bubble tea in hand.

Friend absorption...

Friend appropriation? Suppose I get a successful radio show, and become rich and famous on the back of mediocre impressions of Avi's shticks... sounds like the story of how most people get rich and famous actually.

I remember being shocked to see my dad walk into NBA locker rooms, immediately drop into an urban vocal cadence and start casually dapping up with a player. Or get 30% more Jewish over the length of one conversation with an old friend.

So it's probably genetic. I survival mechanism, I'm sure. Schmoozing to survive.