Cale Shapera

Canada Day

Whew! Fireworks at Nat Bailey just stopped crackling through my window. I'm recently home and very wiped in a good way. Feet hurt, legs ache, but nothing feels too injured. The good burn.

What did I do to celebrate our federation?

  • Woke up at 10:30 as is my god-given right

  • Biked to Gene to work (on this site!) with Johann (well he was working on his own thing)

  • Biked to Locarno Beach to see Hannah, as well as eat, drink, fris, swim, and volley with Vineet, Ben, Gab, Lily, Johann and Vineet's friends (whose group photo we totally invaded)

  • Biked (ripped) back up east to Mt Pleasant Park and hooped with Avi, Guy, Dan, and Matt Jinks. Later my brother Eli and his friend, Evandro (who both endured me as their high school basketball coach), rolled by and played. Eli hit a game winning three in my face! I was so proud as well as devastated.

Happy Canada day and keep your sticks on the ice.

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